Commit 8f342c82 authored by Michael Pyne's avatar Michael Pyne

resolver: Allow cmdline selectors producing >1 module.

Call it a "demand-paged feature"... at least I documented that this was
sub-optimal up to this point. ;)

parent e70dafa1
......@@ -258,31 +258,42 @@ sub _resolveGuessedModules
my @results;
# We use foreach since we *want* to be able to replace the iterated variable
# if we find an existing module.
for my $guessedModule (@modules)
next if !$guessedModule->getOption('#guessed-kde-project', 'module');
if (!$guessedModule->getOption('#guessed-kde-project', 'module')) {
push @results, $guessedModule;
# If the module we want could be found from within our rc-file
# module-sets (even implicitly), use it. Otherwise assume
# kde-projects and evaluate now.
if (exists $lookupTableRef->{$guessedModule->name()}) {
$guessedModule = $lookupTableRef->{$guessedModule->name()};
push @results, $guessedModule;
else {
my $set = ksb::ModuleSet::KDEProjects->new($ctx, "guessed_from_cmdline");
my @results = $self->expandModuleSets($set);
my @setResults = $self->expandModuleSets($set);
my $searchItem = $guessedModule->name();
$guessedModule = first { $_->name() eq $searchItem } @results;
if (!$guessedModule) {
# This is a misfeature, I know. This should support whole sets too.
croak_runtime ("$searchItem doesn't match a single module, it matches many.");
if (!@setResults) {
croak_runtime ("$searchItem doesn't match any modules.");
my $foundModule = first { $_->name() eq $searchItem } @setResults;
$guessedModule = $foundModule if $foundModule;
push @results, @setResults;
return @modules;
return @results;
# Resolves already-stored module selectors into ksb::Modules, based on
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