Commit 2bfbbd99 authored by Michael Pyne's avatar Michael Pyne

dep-resolv: Fix --no-include-dependencies to have same default.

When I added the flag yesterday it changed the value of
'include-dependencies' for users who had never referenced it in their
config. This was not intentional.

Users who have set the option explicitly (either by using default config
file or from a generated config file) should see no change here.
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......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ our %defaultGlobalFlags = (
"disable-agent-check" => 0, # If true we don't check on ssh-agent
"disable-snapshots" => 1, # 2016-07-31 Temp. disabled until fixed to supply snapshots
"ignore-kde-structure" => 0, # Whether to use kde dir structure like extragear/network
"include-dependencies" => 1, # 2019-08-31 Made negatable from cmdline
"include-dependencies" => 0, # 2019-08-31 Made negatable from cmdline (NB: false here but true in rcfile)
"install-after-build" => 1,
"install-environment-driver" => 1, # Setup ~/.config/kde-env-*.sh for login scripts
"install-session-driver" => 0, # Above, + ~/.xsession
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