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SVN_SILENT Tag kdesvn-build 1.11

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########### install files ###############
kde4_create_handbook(index.docbook INSTALL_DESTINATION ${HTML_INSTALL_DIR}/en)
install( FILES kdesvn-build.desktop DESTINATION ${XDG_APPS_INSTALL_DIR} )
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# KDE Config File
[Desktop Entry]
Name=KDE SVN Build
Name[ca]=Construcció SVN del KDE
Name[cs]=KDE SVN Build
Name[da]=KDE SVN-build
Name[el]=Κατασκευή KDE SVN
Name[en_GB]=KDE SVN Build
Name[es]=Construcción SVN de KDE
Name[et]=KDE SVN Build
Name[fr]=Compilation de SVN pour KDE
Name[ga]=Leagan KDE ó SVN
Name[gl]=Compilación de KDE SVN
Name[hu]=KDE-fordítás SVN-ből
Name[it]=Generazione di KDE da SVN
Name[ja]=KDE SVN ビルド
Name[lv]=KDE SVN būvējums
Name[nb]=KDE SVN Build
Name[nds]=KDE SVN Build
Name[nl]=KDE SVN Build
Name[nn]=KDE SVN Build
Name[pl]=Budowanie KDE z SVN-a
Name[pt]=Compilação do SVN do KDE
Name[pt_BR]=Compilação do SVN do KDE
Name[ru]=Сборка KDE из SVN
Name[sr]=Градња КДЕ‑а из СВН‑а
Name[sr@latin]=Gradnja KDE‑a iz SVN‑a
Name[sv]=Bygg KDE från SVN
Name[tr]=KDE SVN Build
Name[uk]=Збірка KDE з SVN
Name[x-test]=xxKDE SVN Buildxx
Name[zh_CN]=KDE SVN 构建
Name[zh_TW]=KDE SVN 編譯
Exec=kdialog --sorry "KDE SVN Build is a command-line only program. Please read the handbook at help:/kdesvn-build for more info."
......@@ -12,236 +12,8 @@
# You may use, alter, and redistribute this software under the terms
# of the GNU General Public License, v2 (or any later version).
#Pod documentation:
=head1 NAME
=item B<kdesvn-build> - automate the KDE build process from its source repository
=item B<kdesvn-build> I<[options]...> I<[modules]...>
The B<kdesvn-build> script is used to automate the download, build,
and install process for KDE (using Subversion and/or git).
It is recommended that you first setup a F<.kdesvn-buildrc> file
in your home directory. Please refer to the B<kdesvn-build> help file
in KDE help for information on how to write F<.kdesvn-buildrc>,
or consult the sample file which should have been included
with this program. If you don't setup a F<.kdesvn-buildrc>, a
default set of options will be used, and a few modules will be
built by default.
After setting up F<.kdesvn-buildrc>, you can run this program from either the
command-line or from cron. It will automatically download the modules from the
source repository, create the build system, and configure and make the modules
you tell it to. You can use this program to install KDE as well, if you are
building KDE for a single user. Note that B<kdesvn-build> will try to install
the modules by default.
If you DO specify module names on the command line, then your settings will
still be read from F<.kdesvn-buildrc>, but the script will try to build and
install the given modules in the order given on the command line.
kdesvn-build reads options in the following order:
=item 1. From the command line.
=item 2. From the file F<kdesvn-buildrc> in the current directory. Note that
the file is not a hidden file.
=item 3. From the file F<~/.kdesvn-buildrc>.
=item 4. From a set of internal options.
This utility is part of the KDE Software Development Kit.
=head1 OPTIONS
=item B<--quiet>, B<-q>
With this switch kdesvn-build will only output a general overview of the build
process. Progress output is still displayed if available.
=item B<--really-quiet>
With this switch only warnings and errors will be output.
=item B<--verbose>, B<-v>
Be very detailed in what is going on, and what actions kdesvn-build is taking.
Only B<--debug> is more detailed.
=item B<--no-svn>, B<--no-src>
Skip contacting the source server.
=item B<--no-build>
Skip the build process.
=item B<--no-install>
Don't automatically install after build.
=item B<--svn-only>, B<--src-only>
Update the source code only (Identical to B<--no-build> at this point).
=item B<--build-only>
Build only, do not perform updates or install.
=item B<--rc-file=E<lt>filenameE<gt>>
Read configuration from filename instead of default.
=item B<--no-async>
Do not perform the source update and build in parallel. With this enabled
the entire source update will be performed before the build will start. This
will take longer overall. You should only need to use this if you encounter
bugs with the default (asynchronous) behavior.
=item B<--debug>
Activates debug mode.
=item B<--pretend>, B<-p>
Do not contact the source server, run make, or create / delete files
and directories. Instead, output what the script would have done.
=item B<--nice=E<lt>valueE<gt>>
Allow you to run the script with a lower priority. The default value is
10 (lower priority by 10 steps).
=item B<--prefix=/kde/path>
This option is a shortcut to change the setting for kdedir from the
command line. It implies B<--reconfigure>.
=item B<--color>
Add color to the output.
=item B<--no-color>
Remove color from the output.
=item B<--resume-from=E<lt>pkgE<gt>>
Starts building from the given package, without performing the source
=item B<--revision=E<lt>revE<gt>>, B<-r=E<lt>revE<gt>>
Forces update to revision <rev> from Subversion.
=item B<--refresh-build>
Start the build from scratch. This means that the build directory for the
module B<will be deleted> before cmake is run again.
=item B<--reconfigure>
Run configure again, but don't clean the build directory or recreate the
configure script. For KDE 4 modules, this option runs cmake again without
deleting the build directory.
=item B<--build-system-only>
Create the build infrastructure, but don't actually perform the build.
=item B<--install>
Try to install the packages passed on the command line, or all packages in
F<~/.kdesvn-buildrc> that don't have manual-build set. Building and
source updates are not performed.
=item B<--E<lt>optionE<gt>=>
Any unrecognized options are added to the global configuration, overriding
any value that may exist.
For example, B<--svn-server=> would change the
setting of the global B<svn-server> option for this instance of kdesvn-build.
=item B<--E<lt>moduleE<gt>,E<lt>optionE<gt>=>
Likewise, allow you to override any module specific option from the
command line.
Example: B<--kdelibs,branch=4.2> would compile kdelibs using the 4.2 branch.
=item B<--help>
Display the help and exit.
=item B<--author>
Output the author(s)'s name.
=item B<--version>
Output the program version.
=item B<kdesvn-build>
=item B<kdesvn-build> I<--no-svn kdelibs>
=item B<kdesvn-bulid> I<--refresh-build> I<kdebase>
=head1 BUGS
kdesvn-build saves some information about how a build was performed so that
e.g. changing cmake-options will automatically re-run CMake. But this isn't
done everywhere, so sometimes it's still required to manually use
B<--refresh-build> or B<--reconfigure>
Please use KDE bugzilla at for information and
reporting bugs.
=head1 SEE ALSO
You can find additional information at B<kdesvn-build> home page,
F<>, or using kdesvn-build
docbook documentation, using the help kioslave, F<help:/kdesvn-build>.
=head1 AUTHOR
Michael Pyne <>
Man page written by:
Carlos Leonhard Woelz <>
# Pod documentation: Removed in favor of --help and the index.docbook in the
# kdesdk/doc/scripts/kdesvn-build directory.
use strict;
use warnings;
......@@ -294,7 +66,7 @@ use constant {
my $versionNum = '1.10';
my $versionNum = '1.11';
# Some global variables
# Remember kids, global variables are evil! I only get to do this
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