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    env: Do not prepend /bin when {qt,kde}dir is blank. · e54200ee
    Michael Pyne authored
    This fixes #29, where kdesrc-build was aggressively prepending '/bin' to
    the PATH if either kdedir or qtdir were unset (and qtdir is unset by
    default). This isn't normally an issue but can conflict with user
    Since the desire here is to setup Qt and/or KF5 before system packages,
    only perform this prepending if Qt and/or KF5 are actually in use from
    kdesrc-build. If those values aren't set then the system should already
    be configured to provide in the environment so we shouldn't interfere.
    It turns out that both ksb::Module and ksb::BuildContext are already
    somewhat testable without a lot of orchestration needed here. I've
    verified that the new tests fails without the patch applied, and pass
    with this patch applied.
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