Commit 8b7280e7 authored by Sven Brauch's avatar Sven Brauch

some correction files for matplotlib

parent bf792a7f
from matplotlib import axes
class class_AxesStack:
def function_add(self):
l_a = axes.Axes()
import matplotlib.backend_bases
import matplotlib.axes
class class_Figure:
def function_add_axes(self):
l_a = axes.Axes()
def function_gca(self):
returns = axes.Axes()
\ No newline at end of file
def function_set_canvas(self):
l_canvas = matplotlib.backend_bases.FigureCanvasBase()
def function_add_subplot(self):
returns = matplotlib.axes.Axes()
from matplotlib import axes
from matplotlib.backend_bases import FigureManagerBase
from matplotlib.figure import *
from matplotlib.axes import *
def function_figure():
returns = Figure()
def function_subplots():
l_axarr = [axes.Axes()]
l_ret = (Figure(), Axes())
l_axarr = [Axes()]
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