Commit 246217f9 authored by Michael Reeves's avatar Michael Reeves

Default init options

parent 7ea7bef6
......@@ -580,7 +580,6 @@ void OptionDialog::setupFontPage()
//requires QT 5.2 or later.
static const QFont defaultFont = QFontDatabase::systemFont(QFontDatabase::FixedFont);
static QFont defaultAppFont = QApplication::font();
OptionFontChooser* pAppFontChooser = new OptionFontChooser(defaultAppFont, "ApplicationFont", &m_options->m_appFont, page);
......@@ -42,80 +42,81 @@ class Options
// Some settings are not available in the option dialog:
QSize m_geometry;
QPoint m_position;
bool m_bMaximised;
bool m_bShowToolBar;
bool m_bShowStatusBar;
Qt::ToolBarArea m_toolBarPos;
QSize m_geometry = QSize(600, 400);
QPoint m_position = QPoint(0, 22);
bool m_bMaximised = false;
bool m_bShowToolBar = true;
bool m_bShowStatusBar = true;
Qt::ToolBarArea m_toolBarPos = Qt::TopToolBarArea;
// These are the results of the option dialog.
QFont m_font;
//bool m_bItalicForDeltas;
QFont m_appFont;
QColor m_fgColor;
QColor m_bgColor;
QColor m_fgColor = Qt::black;
QColor m_bgColor = Qt::white;
QColor m_diffBgColor;
QColor m_colorA;
QColor m_colorB;
QColor m_colorC;
QColor m_colorForConflict;
QColor m_colorForConflict = Qt::red;
QColor m_currentRangeBgColor;
QColor m_currentRangeDiffBgColor;
QColor m_oldestFileColor;
QColor m_midAgeFileColor;
QColor m_newestFileColor;
QColor m_missingFileColor;
QColor m_manualHelpRangeColor;
bool m_bWordWrap;
bool m_bReplaceTabs;
bool m_bAutoIndentation;
int m_tabSize;
bool m_bAutoCopySelection;
bool m_bSameEncoding;
QTextCodec* m_pEncodingA;
bool m_bAutoDetectUnicodeA;
QTextCodec* m_pEncodingB;
bool m_bAutoDetectUnicodeB;
QTextCodec* m_pEncodingC;
bool m_bAutoDetectUnicodeC;
QTextCodec* m_pEncodingOut;
bool m_bAutoSelectOutEncoding;
QTextCodec* m_pEncodingPP;
e_LineEndStyle m_lineEndStyle;
bool m_bPreserveCarriageReturn;
bool m_bTryHard;
bool m_bShowWhiteSpaceCharacters;
bool m_bShowWhiteSpace;
bool m_bShowLineNumbers;
bool m_bHorizDiffWindowSplitting;
bool m_bShowInfoDialogs;
bool m_bDiff3AlignBC;
int m_whiteSpace2FileMergeDefault;
int m_whiteSpace3FileMergeDefault;
bool m_bIgnoreCase;
bool m_bIgnoreNumbers;
bool m_bIgnoreComments;
QColor m_oldestFileColor = qRgb(0xf0, 0, 0);
QColor m_midAgeFileColor = qRgb(0xc0, 0xc0, 0);
QColor m_newestFileColor = qRgb(0, 0xd0, 0);
QColor m_missingFileColor = qRgb(0, 0, 0);
QColor m_manualHelpRangeColor = qRgb(0xff, 0xd0, 0x80);
bool m_bWordWrap = false;
bool m_bReplaceTabs = false;
bool m_bAutoIndentation = true;
int m_tabSize = 8;
bool m_bAutoCopySelection = false;
bool m_bSameEncoding = true;
QTextCodec* m_pEncodingA = nullptr;
bool m_bAutoDetectUnicodeA = true;
QTextCodec* m_pEncodingB = nullptr;
bool m_bAutoDetectUnicodeB = true;
QTextCodec* m_pEncodingC = nullptr;
bool m_bAutoDetectUnicodeC = true;
QTextCodec* m_pEncodingOut = nullptr;
bool m_bAutoSelectOutEncoding = true;
QTextCodec* m_pEncodingPP = nullptr;
e_LineEndStyle m_lineEndStyle = eLineEndStyleAutoDetect;
bool m_bPreserveCarriageReturn = false;
bool m_bTryHard = true;
bool m_bShowWhiteSpaceCharacters = true;
bool m_bShowWhiteSpace = true;
bool m_bShowLineNumbers = false;
bool m_bHorizDiffWindowSplitting = true;
bool m_bShowInfoDialogs = true;
bool m_bDiff3AlignBC = false;
int m_whiteSpace2FileMergeDefault = 0;
int m_whiteSpace3FileMergeDefault = 0;
bool m_bIgnoreCase = false;
bool m_bIgnoreNumbers = false;
bool m_bIgnoreComments = false;
QString m_PreProcessorCmd;
QString m_LineMatchingPreProcessorCmd;
bool m_bRunRegExpAutoMergeOnMergeStart;
QString m_autoMergeRegExp;
bool m_bRunHistoryAutoMergeOnMergeStart;
QString m_historyStartRegExp;
bool m_bRunRegExpAutoMergeOnMergeStart = false;
QString m_autoMergeRegExp = ".*\\$(Version|Header|Date|Author).*\\$.*";
bool m_bRunHistoryAutoMergeOnMergeStart = false;
QString m_historyStartRegExp = ".*\\$Log.*\\$.*";
QString m_historyEntryStartRegExp;
bool m_bHistoryMergeSorting;
QString m_historyEntryStartSortKeyOrder;
int m_maxNofHistoryEntries;
bool m_bHistoryMergeSorting = false;
QString m_historyEntryStartSortKeyOrder = "4,3,2,5,1,6";
int m_maxNofHistoryEntries = -1;
QString m_IrrelevantMergeCmd;
bool m_bAutoSaveAndQuitOnMergeWithoutConflicts;
bool m_bAutoSaveAndQuitOnMergeWithoutConflicts = false;
bool m_bAutoAdvance;
int m_autoAdvanceDelay;
bool m_bAutoAdvance = false;
int m_autoAdvanceDelay = 500;
QStringList m_recentAFiles;
QStringList m_recentBFiles;
......@@ -126,35 +127,36 @@ public:
QStringList m_recentOutputFiles;
// Directory Merge options
bool m_bDmSyncMode;
bool m_bDmRecursiveDirs;
bool m_bDmSyncMode = false;
bool m_bDmRecursiveDirs = true;
bool m_bDmFollowFileLinks = false;
bool m_bDmFollowDirLinks = false;
bool m_bDmFindHidden = true;
bool m_bDmCreateBakFiles;
bool m_bDmBinaryComparison;
bool m_bDmFullAnalysis;
bool m_bDmTrustDate;
bool m_bDmTrustDateFallbackToBinary;
bool m_bDmTrustSize;
bool m_bDmCopyNewer;
bool m_bDmBinaryComparison = true;
bool m_bDmFullAnalysis = false;
bool m_bDmTrustDate = false;
bool m_bDmTrustDateFallbackToBinary = false;
bool m_bDmTrustSize = false;
bool m_bDmCopyNewer = false;
//bool m_bDmShowOnlyDeltas;
bool m_bDmShowIdenticalFiles;
bool m_bDmUseCvsIgnore;
bool m_bDmWhiteSpaceEqual;
bool m_bDmShowIdenticalFiles = true;
bool m_bDmUseCvsIgnore = false;
bool m_bDmWhiteSpaceEqual = true;
bool m_bDmCaseSensitiveFilenameComparison;
bool m_bDmUnfoldSubdirs;
bool m_bDmSkipDirStatus;
QString m_DmFilePattern;
QString m_DmFileAntiPattern;
QString m_DmDirAntiPattern;
bool m_bDmUnfoldSubdirs = false;
bool m_bDmSkipDirStatus = false;
QString m_DmFilePattern = "*";
QString m_DmFileAntiPattern = "*.orig;*.o;*.obj;*.rej;*.bak";
QString m_DmDirAntiPattern = "CVS;.deps;.svn;.hg;.git";
#ifdef Q_OS_WIN
QString m_language;
bool m_bRightToLeftLanguage;
bool m_bRightToLeftLanguage = false;
QString m_ignorableCmdLineOptions;
bool m_bIntegrateWithClearCase;
bool m_bEscapeKeyQuits;
QString m_ignorableCmdLineOptions = QString("-u;-query;-html;-abort");
bool m_bEscapeKeyQuits = false;
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