Commit 5a7db79d authored by Michael Reeves's avatar Michael Reeves

Add more testing

parent 53783571
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ class CvsIgnoreListTest : public QObject
CvsIgnoreList test;
QString testString = ". .. core RCSLOG tags TAGS RCS SCCS .make.state";
QString testString = ". .. core RCSLOG tags TAGS RCS SCCS .make.state *.so _$*";
QVERIFY(test.matches(".", false));
......@@ -64,6 +64,32 @@ class CvsIgnoreListTest : public QObject
QVERIFY(test.matches("Core", false));
QVERIFY(!test.matches("a", false));
QVERIFY(test.matches("core", false));
//ends with .so
QVERIFY(test.matches("", true));
QVERIFY(!test.matches("", true));
QVERIFY(test.matches("*.so", true));
QVERIFY(test.matches("sdf4.So", false));
QVERIFY(!test.matches("sdf4.So", true));
//starts with _$ddsf
QVERIFY(test.matches("_$ddsf", true));
//Should only match exact strings not partial ones
QVERIFY(!test.matches(" ", true));
QVERIFY(!test.matches(" _$ddsf", true));
testString = "*.*";
test = CvsIgnoreList();
QVERIFY(test.matches("k.K", false));
QVERIFY(test.matches("*.K", false));
QVERIFY(test.matches("*.*", false));
QVERIFY(!test.matches("*+*", false));
QVERIFY(!test.matches("asd", false));
//The fallowing are matched by the above
QVERIFY(test.matches("a k.k", false));
QVERIFY(test.matches("k.k v", false));
QVERIFY(test.matches(" k.k", false));
QVERIFY(test.matches("k.k ", false));
void testDefaults()
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