Commit 9979f132 authored by Michael Reeves's avatar Michael Reeves

Rename data class for file access.

parent 2d2b2eb3
......@@ -41,10 +41,10 @@
#include <utime.h>
class FileAccess::Data
class FileAccess::FileAccessPrivateData
......@@ -70,9 +70,9 @@ class FileAccess::Data
//Cleanup tempfile when Data object referancing it is destroyed.
//Cleanup tempfile when FileAccessPrivateData object referancing it is destroyed.
......@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@ FileAccess::FileAccess(const FileAccess& other)
void FileAccess::createData()
if(d() == nullptr)
m_pData = new Data();
m_pData = new FileAccessPrivateData();
FileAccess& FileAccess::operator=(const FileAccess& other)
......@@ -168,7 +168,7 @@ static QString nicePath(const QFileInfo& fi)
// Two kinds of optimization are applied here:
// 1. Speed: don't ask for data as long as it is not needed or cheap to get.
// When opening a file it is early enough to ask for details.
// When opening a file it is easy enough to ask for details.
// 2. Memory usage: Don't store data that is not needed, and avoid redundancy.
// For recursive directory trees don't store the full path if a parent is available.
// Store urls only if files are not local.
......@@ -582,12 +582,12 @@ FileAccess* FileAccess::parent() const
return d()->m_pParent;
FileAccess::Data* FileAccess::d()
FileAccess::FileAccessPrivateData* FileAccess::d()
return m_pData;
const FileAccess::Data* FileAccess::d() const
const FileAccess::FileAccessPrivateData* FileAccess::d() const
return m_pData;
......@@ -101,12 +101,12 @@ private:
void setFile( const QFileInfo& fi, FileAccess* pParent );
void setStatusText( const QString& s );
class Data;
Data* d();
const Data* d() const;
class FileAccessPrivateData;
FileAccessPrivateData* d();
const FileAccessPrivateData* d() const;
void createData();
Data* m_pData = nullptr;
FileAccessPrivateData* m_pData = nullptr;
QString m_filePath; // might be absolute or relative if m_pParent!=0
qint64 m_size;
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