Commit edc27113 authored by Michael Reeves's avatar Michael Reeves

Convert static const char* to const expr

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......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ void CvsIgnoreList::init(FileAccess& dir, const t_DirectoryList* pDirList)
static const QStringList ignorestr = QStringList{".", ".. core", "RCSLOG", "tags", "TAGS", "RCS", "SCCS", ".make.state",
".nse_depinfo", "#* .#* cvslog.*", ",* CVS", "CVS.adm", ".del-*", "*.a", "*.olb", "*.o", "*.obj",
"*.so", "*.Z", "*~ *.old", "*.elc *.ln", "*.bak", "*.BAK", "*.orig", "*.rej", "*.exe", "_$*", "*$"};
static const char* varname = "CVSIGNORE";
constexpr char varname[] = "CVSIGNORE";
addEntriesFromFile(QDir::homePath() + "/.cvsignore");
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