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    Keep perceived contrast in random background color · dc29be39
    Mariusz Glebocki authored
    Randomize colors using HSLuv color space instead of HSL. It has
    perceptually uniform lightness, which means every color with the same
    lightness value is perceived as equally bright by humans. Displays
    quality and lack of calibration in most monitors lowers this uniformity,
    but even on worst color display it should be better than standard HSL.
    More information about HSLuv: http://www.hsluv.org/
    Minor changes:
    * Random seed takes PID into account to prevent repeated colors in
      separate Konsole processes
    * Key names in a config were changed
    * Adapted "Black on random light" color scheme
    Breeze with random ranges on default bg and fg: hue=360° saturation=100:
    To be done in future:
    * Automatically convert color schemes which use old randomization
    Reviewers: #konsole, #vdg
    Subscribers: hindenburg, #vdg, #konsole
    Tags: #konsole, #vdg
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D20263
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