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    Cies Breijs authored
    sorry for the huge commit.. i've been offline a lot (due to backpacking)
    and i've been holding up this stuff during the freeze (should have
    opened a branch, i know). on top of that i messed up my .svn dirs so i
    lost all timestamps and therefor some files have no changes yet appear
    on the good side of things, of lot of work got done:
     * add no-highlighting run mode (speed things up drastically)
     * F2 context help works now (still have to update the handbook pages)
     * antialiassing for export to PNG, like on Canvas itseelf
     * export to SVG added.. turtle not exported into the picture (have to
         wait for later Qt, or very ugly, or someones clever workaround)
     * row/col statusbar bug fixed
     * when looking at errors tab and running again switch back to canvas
     * added html export for code
     * shuffled the menu items around a bit. new: Canvas and Run menus;
         moved View actions into Settings
     * added printing of the canvas
     * replaced commandline execution mode with DBUS interface
     * added RSpec some initial unittests (in Ruby) that make use of the
         DBUS interface
     * made a syntax highlighting nicer (more style categories)
    probably some more got done/fixed/removed, but these are the main things
    for this commit.
    svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdeedu/kturtle/; revision=988328