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......@@ -8,3 +8,28 @@ The application uses kpeople models to find, add, remove and update contacts.
The actual vcard editing is done using KContacts, allowing to use the full range of fields vcards support.
Plasma Phonebook ships its own KPeople plugin for displaying actions.
# Building
plasma-phonebook depends on Qt 5 and a few KDE Frameworks:
- KCoreAddons
- Kirigami
- KPeople
- KContacts
- KPeopleVCard
If your distribution does not provide a recent enough version you can use [kdesrc-build]( to build plasma-phonebook and with all dependencies.
To build plasma-phonebook do:
- git clone
- cd plasma-phonebook
- mkdir build
- cd build
- make
- make install
To run the built version do:
- source
- plasma-phonebook
If you have questions please contact us in one of the [Plasma Mobile channels](
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