Commit cbc30d56 authored by frmdstryr's avatar frmdstryr Committed by Sven Brauch
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Add match class test

parent 0536fc67
......@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@ void PyAstTest::testStatements_data()
QTest::newRow("match_sequence") << "match x:\n case [a, b]:\n pass";
QTest::newRow("match_mapping") << "match x:\n case {'type': 'update'}:\n pass";
// TODO: Mapping rest
// TODO: Class
QTest::newRow("match_class") << "class Node:\n __match_args__=('type',)\ntype=1\nmatch x:\n case Node():\n pass";
QTest::newRow("match_star") << "match x:\n case [a, b, *c]:\n pass";
QTest::newRow("match_as") << "match x:\n case a:\n pass";
QTest::newRow("match_as_empty") << "match x:\n case _:\n pass";
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