Commit f7950baf authored by Francis Herne's avatar Francis Herne
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Ensure that CodeAst nodes always start at (0, 0).

Previously the start was that of the first child node.

From CPython 3.8.2, the range of an attribute access `(expr).blah`
 includes the leading parenthesis, and thus starts before `expr`.

The range of kdev-python's Attribute node represents only the range of
 `blah`, and is calculated in an awkward way.

When an attribute access of a parenthesized expression appeared at the
 start of a file, the start of the attribute range from CPython was
 before that of the CodeAst node (based on the start of `expr`)
 resulting in an incorrect range being calculated.

This case is very unusual in real code, but fixes the tests. ;-)
parent 9cceeef5
......@@ -70,6 +70,11 @@ void RangeFixVisitor::visitNode(Ast* node) {
void RangeFixVisitor::visitCode(CodeAst* node) {
node->startLine = node->startCol = 0;
void RangeFixVisitor::visitFunctionDefinition(FunctionDefinitionAst* node) {
cutDefinitionPreamble(node->name, node->async ? "asyncdef" : "def");
......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ class KDEVPYTHONPARSER_NO_EXPORT RangeFixVisitor : public AstDefaultVisitor {
RangeFixVisitor(const QString& contents) : lines(contents.split('\n')) {};
void visitNode(Ast* node) override;
void visitCode(Python::CodeAst* node) override;
void visitFunctionDefinition(FunctionDefinitionAst* node) override;
void visitClassDefinition(ClassDefinitionAst* node) override;
void visitAttribute(AttributeAst* node) override;
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