Commit fcbefc17 authored by Francis Herne's avatar Francis Herne
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Remove custom copy-assignment operator of Identifier

It isn't needed; the fields that weren't copied can be without trouble.
Avoids -Wdeprecated-copy warnings.
parent 66cc288b
......@@ -244,16 +244,6 @@ public:
class KDEVPYTHONPARSER_EXPORT Identifier : public Ast {
Identifier(QString value);
Identifier operator=(const Identifier& other) {
value = other.value;
startCol = other.startCol;
endCol = other.endCol;
startLine = other.startLine;
endLine = other.endLine;
parent = other.parent;
hasUsefulRangeInformation = other.hasUsefulRangeInformation;
return *this;
bool operator==(const Identifier& rhs) const {
return value == rhs.value;
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