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      Implement virtual DebugSession::killDebuggerNow() · 28b549cf
      Igor Kushnir authored
      introduced a pure virtual IDebugSession::killDebuggerNow() member
      function. DebugSession must override it to become non-abstract and fix
      the following compilation error (GCC):
        invalid new-expression of abstract class type ‘Python::DebugSession’
      DebugSession::killDebuggerNow() kills the debugger process
      unconditionally to mimic the behavior of ~DebugSession().
      As far as I can tell, DebugSession::killDebuggerNow() will never be
      called, because DebugSession::stopDebugger() switches to EndedState
      synchronously and is destroyed before ~DebugController() invokes
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    • Francis Herne's avatar
      Fix ExtSlice crash with Python <= 3.8 · 172dc513
      Francis Herne authored
      BUG: 426292
      FIXED-IN: 5.6.1
      The dimensions of an ExtSlice node are _slice nodes rather than _expr,
       so this would crash whenever encountering one.
      This was introduced in commit 05e95cac "Initial support for CPython 3.9".
      When I replaced `SliceAst` with `ExpressionAst` in the relevant line
       of python39.sdef, conversionGenerator.py *also* changed `_slice` to `_expr` here
       (because the type used is implicitly determined in a stupid way)
       and I failed to notice that difference in the newly-generated code.
      I couldn't see an easy way to fix the implicit type thing, so this commit just
       bypasses that mechanism and uses CODE instead.
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      fix file name in conversionGenerator · 93e2e103
      Sven Brauch authored
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      Merge branch '5.6' into master · 49dc20af
      Francis Herne authored
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      Initial support for CPython 3.9 · 05e95cac
      Francis Herne authored
      This reformats our AST to match that introduced upstream by
       https://bugs.python.org/issue34822 and adjusts the conversion from
       older Python versions' AST to match.
      ExtendedSliceAst is removed, in favour of a TupleAst containing
       SliceAsts and/or other expressions.
      IndexAst is removed, instead non-slice index expressions are direct
       children of SubscriptAst.
      SliceAst and EllipsisAst are now subclasses of ExpressionAst. In the
       latter case I don't understand how it wasn't broken before.
      The stdlib docfiles are not updated.
       There aren't many changes to builtins in 3.9, but we do need a system to
       re-generate these - perhaps based on Typeshed.
      In CPython 3.8 and 3.9 there are several changes to the parser that
       could be useful to us -- particularly end_lineno and end_col_offset.
       This patch doesn't attempt to take advantage of them.
      BUG: 419290
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    • Francis Herne's avatar
      Remove obsolete files · f6fb3323
      Francis Herne authored
      These are no longer relevant or used, and potentially confusing.
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      Set parser feature version correctly for Python 3.8+ · 21dba4e7
      Francis Herne authored
      Otherwise the user gets errors for some new syntax.
      e.g. `f'{expr=}'` ->
       "f-string: self documenting expressions are only supported
        in Python 3.8 and greater"
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    • Francis Herne's avatar
      Ensure that CodeAst nodes always start at (0, 0). · f7950baf
      Francis Herne authored
      Previously the start was that of the first child node.
      From CPython 3.8.2, the range of an attribute access `(expr).blah`
       includes the leading parenthesis, and thus starts before `expr`.
      The range of kdev-python's Attribute node represents only the range of
       `blah`, and is calculated in an awkward way.
      When an attribute access of a parenthesized expression appeared at the
       start of a file, the start of the attribute range from CPython was
       before that of the CodeAst node (based on the start of `expr`)
       resulting in an incorrect range being calculated.
      This case is very unusual in real code, but fixes the tests. ;-)
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