Commit 13557a8e authored by Olivier de Gaalon's avatar Olivier de Gaalon
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Remove stale comments

parent 31a40da4
......@@ -18,9 +18,6 @@ ecm_add_test(test_shellbuddy.cpp
LINK_LIBRARIES Qt5::Test KDev::Tests KDev::Shell KDev::Interfaces KDev::Sublime)
## This test needs fixing:
# creating a factory is not enough to inject a new project plugin, we also need a KPluginInfo
# also need to adapt to naming scheme (test_projectcontroller.cpp)
TEST_NAME test_projectcontroller
LINK_LIBRARIES Qt5::Test ${KDEVPLATFORM_TESTS_LIBRARIES} KDev::Shell KDev::Sublime KDev::Project KDev::Interfaces)
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