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Drop local text/x-opencl-src definition

Now that shared-mime-info 1.9 is required (which ships it), we can
assume the system has it, and thus stop providing our version of it.
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<mime-info xmlns="">
Will be part of shared-mime-info 1.9. Remove once 1.9 is the minimum dependency.
The mimetype id used here is disputable: is the one currently used in shared-mime-info,
though that one was created out-of-the-blue, without being backed by wider usage
or greater input from the OpenCL community. So needs more work.
<mime-type type="text/x-opencl-src">
<comment>OpenCL C source code</comment>
<comment xml:lang="ca">Codi font en C per a OpenCL</comment>
<comment xml:lang="ca@valencia">Codi font en C per a OpenCL</comment>
<comment xml:lang="cs">Zdrojový kód OpenCL C</comment>
<comment xml:lang="de">OpenCL C Quelltext</comment>
<comment xml:lang="en_GB">OpenCL C source code</comment>
<comment xml:lang="es">Código fuente de OpenCL C</comment>
<comment xml:lang="eu">OpenCL C sorburu-kodea</comment>
<comment xml:lang="fr">Code source « C » pour « OpenCL »</comment>
<comment xml:lang="it">Codice sorgente OpenCL C</comment>
<comment xml:lang="ka">OpenCL-ის C-ის საწყისი კოდი</comment>
<comment xml:lang="ko">OpenCL C 소스 코드</comment>
<comment xml:lang="nl">OpenCL C broncode</comment>
<comment xml:lang="nn">OpenCL C-kjeldekode</comment>
<comment xml:lang="pl">Kod źródłowy OpenCL C</comment>
<comment xml:lang="pt">Código-fonte em C do OpenCL</comment>
<comment xml:lang="pt_BR">Código-fonte em C do OpenCL</comment>
<comment xml:lang="ru">Исходный код OpenCL C</comment>
<comment xml:lang="sk">Zdrojový kód OpenCL C</comment>
<comment xml:lang="sl">Izvorna koda OpenCL C</comment>
<comment xml:lang="sv">OpenCL C-källkod</comment>
<comment xml:lang="tr">OpenCL C kaynak kodu</comment>
<comment xml:lang="uk">початковий код C OpenCL</comment>
<comment xml:lang="zh_CN">OpenCL C 源代码</comment>
<expanded-acronym>Open Computing Language</expanded-acronym>
<sub-class-of type="text/x-csrc"/>
<glob pattern="*.cl"/>
<alias type="text/x-opencl"/>
<!-- Not yet registered, mimetype based on proposal in -->
<mime-type type="text/vnd.nvidia.cuda.csrc">
<comment>NVIDIA CUDA C source code</comment>
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