Commit 1f111414 authored by René J.V. Bertin's avatar René J.V. Bertin Committed by Milian Wolff
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Workaround a crash on Mac OS X after finishing code review.

On OS X, kdevelop would crash after clicking on the "Finish Review"
button, at least when the path review tool was started through a
project's git->differences. This crash occurred with the current
stable release (kdevplatform 1.6.0) through the 4.7ß up to and
including kdevplatform git/kde4-legacy.

REVIEW: 120081
BUG: 338829
parent d0e2c4f5
......@@ -302,7 +302,9 @@ private:
PatchReviewPlugin::~PatchReviewPlugin() {
delete m_patch;
// Tweak to work around a crash on OS X; see
// and
void PatchReviewPlugin::clearPatch( QObject* _patch ) {
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