Commit 33046ef7 authored by Milian Wolff's avatar Milian Wolff
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Use QTRY_VERIFY to make the test more resilient

It keeps failing on the CI, and I wonder if it's simply not enough
to just wait 200ms there for the thread switching to be finished.
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......@@ -834,9 +834,7 @@ void GdbTest::testStackSwitchThread()
tIdx = stackModel->index(1,0);
QVERIFY(stackModel->data(tIdx).toString().startsWith("#2 at "));
int rows = stackModel->rowCount(tIdx);
QVERIFY(rows > 3);
QTRY_VERIFY(stackModel->rowCount(tIdx) > 3);
WAIT_FOR_STATE(session, DebugSession::EndedState);
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