Commit 33eff1ac authored by Kevin Whitaker's avatar Kevin Whitaker
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Fix flatpak plugin to ask modern flatpak for needed details

Modern flatpak doesn't show ref unless asked for details. This is due
to changes in how the cli output has been reworked to be simpler. The
details flag is there on legacy and modern flatpak and is able to allow
reading for refs on both. 
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......@@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ static QStringList availableArches(const KDevelop::Path& url)
supportedArchesProcess.start(QStringLiteral("flatpak"), {QStringLiteral("list"), QStringLiteral("--runtime") });
supportedArchesProcess.start(QStringLiteral("flatpak"), {QStringLiteral("list"), QStringLiteral("--runtime"), QStringLiteral("-d") });
return ret;
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