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Cleanup: remove excessive KDevelop:: qualification

The .cpp file is `using namespace KDevelop` afer all.
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......@@ -17,10 +17,9 @@
/// @todo Listen to filesystem changes (together with the project manager)
/// and call fileModificationCache().clear(...) when a file has changed
using namespace KDevelop;
const int KDevelop::cacheModificationTimesForSeconds = 30;
using namespace KDevelop;
struct FileModificationCache
......@@ -29,8 +28,8 @@ struct FileModificationCache
QDateTime m_modificationTime;
using FileModificationMap = QHash<KDevelop::IndexedString, FileModificationCache>;
using OpenDocumentRevisionsMap = QHash<KDevelop::IndexedString, int>;
using FileModificationMap = QHash<IndexedString, FileModificationCache>;
using OpenDocumentRevisionsMap = QHash<IndexedString, int>;
// data protected by the mutex in the StaticCacheData below
struct CacheData {
......@@ -104,14 +103,14 @@ ModificationRevision ModificationRevision::revisionForFile(const IndexedString&
return cacheData().op([&url](CacheData& data) { return data.revisionForFile(url); });
void ModificationRevision::clearEditorRevisionForFile(const KDevelop::IndexedString& url)
void ModificationRevision::clearEditorRevisionForFile(const IndexedString& url)
ModificationRevisionSet::clearCache(); ///@todo Make the cache management more clever (don't clear the whole)
return cacheData().op([&url](CacheData& data) { data.openRevisionsCache.remove(url); });
void ModificationRevision::setEditorRevisionForFile(const KDevelop::IndexedString& url, int revision)
void ModificationRevision::setEditorRevisionForFile(const IndexedString& url, int revision)
ModificationRevisionSet::clearCache(); ///@todo Make the cache management more clever (don't clear the whole)
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