Commit 4048dad8 authored by Igor Kushnir's avatar Igor Kushnir Committed by Milian Wolff
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visitFilteredDeclarations recursion: add comments and TODO for Qt6

PersistentSymbolTable::visitFilteredDeclarations() relies on stable
pointers to QHash values, which they are in Qt 5, but not in Qt 6. So
this code will have to be adjusted during porting to Qt 6.
parent fec7895a
......@@ -400,6 +400,8 @@ void PersistentSymbolTable::visitFilteredDeclarations(const IndexedQualifiedIden
PersistentSymbolTableItem item; = id;
// This function does not modify the item repository. write() rather than read() is called only in order to modify
// declarationsCache and importsCache. Making these two cache data members mutable would allow to call read() here.
LockedItemRepository::write<PersistentSymbolTable>([&](PersistentSymbolTableRepo& repo) {
ifVerifyVisitNesting(const auto guard = IterationCounter(repo);)
......@@ -412,6 +414,24 @@ void PersistentSymbolTable::visitFilteredDeclarations(const IndexedQualifiedIden
const auto declarations = Declarations(repositoryItem->declarations(), repositoryItem->declarationsSize(),
// TODO Qt6: revisit when porting as this code - when called recursively - relies on QHash reference stability:
// 1. `cachedImports` is a copy of a value inside importsCache, so it doesn't rely on QHash reference stability.
// 2. `cached` is a reference to a value inside declarationsCache, but it is not used after the visitor is
// called, so it does not rely on QHash reference stability either.
// 3. `cache` is a reference to a value inside a value inside declarationsCache. `cache` is filled before
// `filterIterator` is constructed, so it is recursion-safe. `cache` is not used after the visitor is called,
// so it also does not rely on QHash reference stability.
// 4. `filterIterator` contains a copy of the constData() pointer of a KDevVarLengthArray value inside a QHash.
// If QVarLengthArray::size() is less or equal to its Prealloc, constData() points to an array within the
// QVarLengthArray object. A next recursive call to visitFilteredDeclarations() may insert an id into
// declarationsCache or a visibility into a value of declarationsCache. Such an insertion can move the
// QVarLengthArray object in memory and make the copy of constData() pointer in `filterIterator` dangling.
// A possible fix is to store raw pointers KDevVarLengthArray* as values of values of declarationsCache;
// delete the pointers in ~PersistentSymbolTableRepo() and before removing values or values of values of
// declarationsCache. An alternative fix is to create a local copy of the KDevVarLengthArray and pass the
// copy's constData() to filterIterator. Better yet, make CachedDeclarations = QVector<IndexedDeclaration>
// instead of KDevVarLengthArray<IndexedDeclaration>: the QVector::constData() pointer does not change until
// the QVector is modified, which it isn't in this case.
CachedIndexedRecursiveImports cachedImports;
auto it = repo.importsCache.constFind(visibility);
if (it != repo.importsCache.constEnd()) {
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