Commit 4a01ac09 authored by Milian Wolff's avatar Milian Wolff
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Cleanup initialization of ItemRepository data members

Use direct initialization and make const what should be const.
parent 9ff261fa
......@@ -1058,22 +1058,10 @@ public:
ItemRepositoryRegistry* registry = &globalItemRepositoryRegistry(),
uint repositoryVersion = 1, AbstractRepositoryManager* manager = nullptr)
: m_repositoryName(repositoryName)
, m_file(nullptr)
, m_dynamicFile(nullptr)
, m_repositoryVersion(repositoryVersion)
, m_mutex(mutex)
, m_registry(registry)
m_unloadingEnabled = true;
m_metaDataChanged = true;
memset(m_firstBucketForHash, 0, bucketHashSize * sizeof(short unsigned int));
m_statBucketHashClashes = m_statItemCount = 0;
m_currentBucket = 1; //Skip the first bucket, we won't use it so we have the zero indices for special purposes
if (m_registry)
m_registry->registerRepository(this, manager);
......@@ -2284,27 +2272,31 @@ private:
bool m_metaDataChanged;
QString m_repositoryName;
mutable int m_currentBucket;
bool m_metaDataChanged = true;
bool m_unloadingEnabled = true;
// Skip the first bucket, we won't use it so we have the zero indices for special purposes
mutable int m_currentBucket = 1;
//List of buckets that have free space available that can be assigned. Sorted by size: Smallest space first. Second order sorting: Bucket index
QVector<uint> m_freeSpaceBuckets;
mutable QVector<MyBucket*> m_buckets;
uint m_statBucketHashClashes, m_statItemCount;
mutable QVector<MyBucket*> m_buckets = QVector<MyBucket*>(10, nullptr);
uint m_statBucketHashClashes = 0;
uint m_statItemCount = 0;
//Maps hash-values modulo 1<<bucketHashSizeBits to the first bucket such a hash-value appears in
short unsigned int m_firstBucketForHash[bucketHashSize];
short unsigned int m_firstBucketForHash[bucketHashSize] = { 0 };
//File that contains the buckets
QFile* m_file;
uchar* m_fileMap;
uint m_fileMapSize;
QFile* m_file = nullptr;
uchar* m_fileMap = nullptr;
uint m_fileMapSize = 0;
//File that contains more dynamic data, like the list of buckets with deleted items
QFile* m_dynamicFile;
QFile* m_dynamicFile = nullptr;
const QString m_repositoryName;
const uint m_repositoryVersion;
Mutex* const m_mutex;
ItemRepositoryRegistry* const m_registry;
bool m_unloadingEnabled;
friend class ::TestItemRepository;
friend class ::BenchItemRepository;
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