Commit 4d7435ee authored by Igor Kushnir's avatar Igor Kushnir Committed by Nicolás Alvarez
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DUChain::documentRenamed: don't warn about invalid URL

The "renamed" document's URL can be invalid in a common scenario
described in the added comment. Nothing to warn the user about.

Cache the result of a call to virtual IDocument::url().
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......@@ -1664,11 +1664,11 @@ void DUChain::documentRenamed(KDevelop::IDocument* doc)
if (sdDUChainPrivate->m_destroyed)
if (!doc->url().isValid()) {
///Maybe this happens when a file was deleted?
qCWarning(LANGUAGE) << "Strange, url of renamed document is invalid!";
} else {
const auto url = doc->url();
// url is invalid when a file open in KDevelop is deleted externally, then the user
// closes the file by clicking the Close File button on KTextEditor's prompt.
if (url.isValid()) {
| TopDUContext::ForceUpdate);
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