Commit 5b2f9881 authored by Igor Kushnir's avatar Igor Kushnir

Don't invoke BackgroundParser::parseComplete() twice on failure

When a job fails, ThreadWeaver::QObjectDecorator emits both failed() and
done() signals. BackgroundParser::parseComplete() is connected to both.
So when a ParseJob fails, parseComplete() is called twice for the same
job. The most obvious consequence is the too great value of

Two classes derived from ParseJob - CMakeParseJob and QmlJsParseJob -
call ParseJob::abortJob() when they are aborted, which makes
ParseJob::success() return false and thus causes QObjectDecorator to
emit both signals.

In order to test what happens when the bug is triggered, I edited
CMakeParseJob::run() code to unconditionally call `abortJob(); return;`
after the `if (!package.isEmpty()) {` line. KDevelop seems to handle
this well, but there are lots of relevant debug messages in the log:
kdevplatform.language: m_doneParseJobs larger than m_maxParseJobs: 0 -1
kdevplatform.language: m_doneParseJobs larger than m_maxParseJobs: 1 0

The simple fix is to connect only to the
&ThreadWeaver::QObjectDecorator::done signal. Its documentation states:
"This signal is emitted when the job has been finished (no matter if it
succeeded or not)."
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Pipeline #36697 canceled with stage
......@@ -379,8 +379,6 @@ public:
QObject::connect(decorator, &ThreadWeaver::QObjectDecorator::done,
m_parser, &BackgroundParser::parseComplete);
QObject::connect(decorator, &ThreadWeaver::QObjectDecorator::failed,
m_parser, &BackgroundParser::parseComplete);
QObject::connect(job, &ParseJob::progress,
m_parser, &BackgroundParser::parseProgress, Qt::QueuedConnection);
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