Commit 87d28ba2 authored by Igor Kushnir's avatar Igor Kushnir

Remove the ParseProjectJob pointer when a project is closed

Storing the QPointer-s indefinitely was a small memory leak.

Eliminate a redundant QHash search in

Fix ProjectController::reparseProject() indentation.
parent 4f0ea7cb
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ public:
bool m_foundProjectFile; //Temporary flag used while searching the hierarchy for a project file
bool m_cleaningUp; //Temporary flag enabled while destroying the project-controller
ProjectChangesModel* m_changesModel = nullptr;
QHash< IProject*, QPointer<KJob> > m_parseJobs; // parse jobs that add files from the project to the background parser.
QHash<IProject*, KJob*> m_parseJobs; // parse jobs that add files from the project to the background parser.
ProjectControllerPrivate(Core* core, ProjectController* p)
: m_core(core)
......@@ -1369,16 +1369,23 @@ QString ProjectController::mapSourceBuild( const QString& path_, bool reverse, b
return QString();
void KDevelop::ProjectController::reparseProject(IProject *project, bool forceUpdate, bool forceAll)
void ProjectController::reparseProject(IProject* project, bool forceUpdate, bool forceAll)
if (auto job = d->m_parseJobs.value(project)) {
if (auto* oldJob = d->m_parseJobs.value(project)) {
oldJob->kill(); // Removes oldJob from m_parseJobs.
d->m_parseJobs[project] = new KDevelop::ParseProjectJob(project, forceUpdate, forceAll);
auto& job = d->m_parseJobs[project];
job = new ParseProjectJob(project, forceUpdate, forceAll);
connect(job, &KJob::finished, this, [d, project](KJob* job) {
const auto it = d->m_parseJobs.constFind(project);
if (it != d->m_parseJobs.cend() && *it == job) {
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