Commit a24275b9 authored by Igor Kushnir's avatar Igor Kushnir
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Move DUChain::m_deleted's documentation just above it

7f13189d moved this variable but left
its documentation in place thus separating them.
parent 17496485
......@@ -70,10 +70,10 @@ const uint cleanupEverySeconds = 200;
///Approximate maximum count of top-contexts that are checked during final cleanup
const uint maxFinalCleanupCheckContexts = 2000;
const uint minimumFinalCleanupCheckContextsPercentage = 10; //Check at least n% of all top-contexts during cleanup
//Set to true as soon as the duchain is deleted
namespace KDevelop {
/// Set to true as soon as the duchain is deleted
bool DUChain::m_deleted = false;
///Must be locked through KDevelop::SpinLock before using chainsByIndex
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