Commit a4f80046 authored by Igor Kushnir's avatar Igor Kushnir
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TestFiles::testFiles (clang): remove obsolete workaround

text/x-opencl-src was added to shared-mime-info 4 years ago in

This MIME type is present in shared-mime-info version >= 1.9. Even
oldstable Debian "buster" has version 1.10. KDevelop's dependency
requirements don't allow building it on old distribution versions. So
there is no reason to keep the workaround.

This reverts commit 056932ba.
parent 88d667ab
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......@@ -141,12 +141,6 @@ void TestFiles::testFiles()
const IndexedString indexedFileName(fileName);
ReferencedTopDUContext top =
DUChain::self()->waitForUpdate(indexedFileName, TopDUContext::AllDeclarationsContextsAndUses);
if (strcmp("", QTest::currentDataTag()) == 0) {
if (!top) {
QSKIP("Likely outdated shared-mime-info around, which doesn't know about the text/x-opencl-src mime type");
DUChainReadLocker lock;
DeclarationValidator validator(adjustTestData);
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