Commit cc3f98b8 authored by Axel Kellermann's avatar Axel Kellermann Committed by Igor Kushnir
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Make sure DebugController is initialized before UI is shown

DebugController is responsible for loading breakpoints, and if they are
not loaded when the UI is made visible, they don't show up.

BUG: 424430
FIXED-IN: 5.6.0
parent 63a33beb
......@@ -238,6 +238,11 @@ bool CorePrivate::initialize(Core::Setup mode, const QString& session )
qCDebug(SHELL) << "Initializing plugin controller (loading session plugins)";
/* To make breakpoints show up in the UI, we need to make sure
DebugController is initialized and has loaded BreakpointModel
before UI is made visible. */
qCDebug(SHELL) << "Initializing working set controller";
if(!(mode & Core::NoUi))
......@@ -256,7 +261,6 @@ bool CorePrivate::initialize(Core::Setup mode, const QString& session )
if (documentationController) {
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