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# KDevelop
This repository contains the source code for the KDevelop IDE.
It also includes KDevelop Platform (kdevplatform) and most of the plugins.
The idea that this repository contains
- Every plugin related to C/C++ development
- Every plugin only specific for KDevelop (e.g. the Welcome Page plugin)
Other KDevelop plugins can be found in [KDevelop Group]( of KDE GitLab instance.
## User Documentation
User documentation is available from:
## Compile
......@@ -34,5 +33,6 @@ If you want to contribute to KDevelop, please read through:
## Development Infrastructure
- [Bug tracker](
- [Phabricator (task tracker, code review and more)](
- [Bug tracker](
- [KDE GitLab instance (code review as well as hosting and other important collaboration tasks)](
- [Phabricator (task tracker until this functionality is migrated to GitLab)](
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