Commit f9a366ef authored by Andreas Pakulat's avatar Andreas Pakulat

Reflect reality a bit better. Alexander, Matt if any of you two feel

like I've missed an important place of interest please add it.
parent db37005a
Current Maintainers:
Matt Rogers <> - Lead Maintainer
Alexander Dymo <> - Maintainer
Andreas Pakulat <> - Lead Maintainer
Amilcar do Carmo Lucas <> - Maintainer -
Previous Maintainers and their areas of expertise can be found below. It is best
......@@ -10,6 +9,11 @@ a question about one of these particular areas.
For a more complete list, please check the About Dialog from the KDevelop Help menu.
Ui Library, Ruby Support
Alexander Dymo <>
Former Lead Maintainer, CMake and Autotools support
Matt Rogers <>
Main author, lots of code. :)
Bernd Gehrmann <>
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