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Commit 9299ed31 authored by Sergey Kalinichev's avatar Sergey Kalinichev

Make code completion faster

Instead of calling findDeclarations for each item found by clang, call
allDeclarations once and cache the result. In case it can't find
anything fall back to the findDeclarations.

This decreases code-completion time from ~2000ms to ~200ms for me in the
worst case.

As a drawback the code-completion time can increase in some cases
(e.g. for member access completion from ~60ms to ~200ms), but it's still

REVIEW: 123810
parent 7393ff04
......@@ -361,6 +361,54 @@ bool isValidSpecialCompletionIdentifier(const QualifiedIdentifier& identifier)
return false;
void addEnumItems(Declaration* declaration, QHash<QualifiedIdentifier, Declaration*>& declarationsCache);
/// Add declarations from namespace into @p declarationsCache
void addNamespaceItems(Declaration* declaration, QHash<QualifiedIdentifier, Declaration*>& declarationsCache)
if (declaration->kind() != Declaration::Namespace || !declaration->internalContext()) {
const auto namespaceDeclarations = declaration->internalContext()->localDeclarations();
for (const auto& nd : namespaceDeclarations) {
declarationsCache.insert(nd->qualifiedIdentifier(), nd);
addEnumItems(nd, declarationsCache);
/// Add enumerators into @p declarationsCache
void addEnumItems(Declaration* declaration, QHash<QualifiedIdentifier, Declaration*>& declarationsCache)
if (declaration->kind() != Declaration::Type || !declaration->internalContext()) {
const auto ictx = declaration->internalContext();
if (ictx->type() == DUContext::Enum) {
for (const auto enumerator : ictx->localDeclarations()) {
declarationsCache.insert(enumerator->qualifiedIdentifier(), enumerator);
QHash<QualifiedIdentifier, Declaration*> generateCache(const DUContextPointer& ctx, const CursorInRevision& position)
const auto allDeclarationsList = ctx->allDeclarations(position, ctx->topContext());
QHash<QualifiedIdentifier, Declaration*> declarationsHash;
for (const auto& declaration : allDeclarationsList) {
// We store function-local declarations with qid like: "function::declaration", but completion items provided by Clang have qid like: "declaration", so we use id here instead.
declarationsHash.insert(declaration.second ? declaration.first->qualifiedIdentifier() : QualifiedIdentifier(declaration.first->identifier()), declaration.first);
// Intentionally not recurse into nested namespaces and inner class contexts as the findDeclarations call is much cheaper.
addNamespaceItems(declaration.first, declarationsHash);
addEnumItems(declaration.first, declarationsHash);
return declarationsHash;
ClangCodeCompletionContext::ClangCodeCompletionContext(const DUContextPointer& context,
......@@ -423,6 +471,9 @@ QList<CompletionTreeItemPointer> ClangCodeCompletionContext::completionItems(boo
return {};
const auto ctx = DUContextPointer(m_duContext->findContextAt(m_position));
const auto declarationsCache = generateCache(ctx, m_position);
/// Normal completion items, such as 'void Foo::foo()'
QList<CompletionTreeItemPointer> items;
/// Stuff like 'Foo& Foo::operator=(const Foo&)', etc. Not regularly used by our users.
......@@ -551,17 +602,17 @@ QList<CompletionTreeItemPointer> ClangCodeCompletionContext::completionItems(boo
DUChainReadLocker lock;
// TODO: This easily breaks if there are multiple function overloads
// e.g. void foo(), void foo(int) => only the first is selected
DUContext* ctx = m_duContext->findContextAt(m_position);
Declaration* found = 0;
foreach(Declaration* dec, ctx->findDeclarations(qid, m_position)) {
if (!handled.contains(dec)) {
found = dec;
auto found = declarationsCache.value(qid);
if (!found) {
for (auto d : ctx->findDeclarations(qid, m_position)) {
if (!handled.contains(d)) {
found = d;
......@@ -73,6 +73,7 @@ void TestCodeCompletion::cleanupTestCase()
namespace {
//TODO: the test should be extended to check whether the completion item is a DeclarationItem or just a SimpleItem
void executeCompletionTest(const QString& code, const CompletionItemsList& expectedCompletionItems,
const ClangCodeCompletionContext::ContextFilters& filters = ClangCodeCompletionContext::ContextFilters(
ClangCodeCompletionContext::NoBuiltins |
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