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Commit a52858b8 authored by Milian Wolff's avatar Milian Wolff

Filter out declarations from non-imported contexts in code completion

We easily got confused in our code completion, e.g. when you
looked at the navigation widget for `main()`, it often came from
a different file... Other times this lead to even bigger issues,
like not picking up the right overload and instead using a random
other function from a different file unrelated to the current TU.

Note, I really need to get my ass up and finally get integrated upstream...
parent 9a952eb3
......@@ -521,7 +521,22 @@ Declaration* findDeclaration(const QualifiedIdentifier& qid, const DUContextPoin
PersistentSymbolTable::Declarations decl = PersistentSymbolTable::self().getDeclarations(qid);
const auto top = ctx->topContext();
const auto& importedContexts = top->importedParentContexts();
for (auto it = decl.iterator(); it; ++it) {
// if the context is not included, then this match is not correct for our consideration
// this fixes issues where we used to include matches from files that did not have
// anything to do with the current TU, e.g. the main from a different file or stuff like that
// it also reduces the chance of us picking up a function of the same name from somewhere else
// also, this makes sure the context has the correct language and we don't get confused by stuff
// from other language plugins
if (std::none_of(importedContexts.begin(), importedContexts.end(), [it] (const DUContext::Import& import) {
return import.topContextIndex() == it->indexedTopContext().index();
})) {
auto declaration = it->declaration();
if (!declaration) {
// Mitigate problems such as: Cannot load a top-context from file "/home/kfunk/.cache/kdevduchain/kdevelop-{foo}/topcontexts/6085"
......@@ -530,11 +545,6 @@ Declaration* findDeclaration(const QualifiedIdentifier& qid, const DUContextPoin
const auto& file = declaration->topContext()->parsingEnvironmentFile();
if (!file || file->language() != ParseSession::languageString()) {
if (declaration->kind() == Declaration::Instance && !declaration->isFunctionDeclaration()) {
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