Commit 38c6dfaf authored by Jasem Mutlaq's avatar Jasem Mutlaq

We can safe call startAstrometry now since it sets the target coordinate in the align module

parent 1b72f18d
......@@ -6894,11 +6894,7 @@ void Scheduler::setGuideStatus(Ekos::GuideState status)
appendLogText(i18n("Restarting %1 alignment procedure...", currentJob->getName()));
// JM: We have to go back to startSlew() since if we just call startAstrometry()
// It would captureAndSolve at the _current_ coords which could be way off center if the calibration
// process took a wild ride search for a suitable guide star and then failed. So startSlew() would ensure
// we're back on our target and then it proceed to alignment (focus is skipped since it is done if it was checked anyway).
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