Commit c859850b authored by Akarsh Simha's avatar Akarsh Simha

Minor: const correctness

parent f2e080d3
......@@ -999,7 +999,7 @@ void SkyMap::setDestinationAltAz(const dms &alt, const dms &az)
emit destinationChanged();
void SkyMap::setClickedPoint(SkyPoint *f)
void SkyMap::setClickedPoint(const SkyPoint *f)
ClickedPoint = *f;
......@@ -232,7 +232,7 @@ class SkyMap : public QGraphicsView
/** @short Set the ClickedPoint to the skypoint given as an argument.
*@param f pointer to the new ClickedPoint.
void setClickedPoint(SkyPoint *f);
void setClickedPoint(const SkyPoint *f);
/** @short Retrieve the object nearest to a mouse click event.
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