1. 12 Apr, 2020 2 commits
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      Minor: const correctness · c859850b
      Akarsh Simha authored
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      Fix behavior of DBus method setRaDec, provide a new DBus method setRaDecJ2000,... · f2e080d3
      Akarsh Simha authored
      Fix behavior of DBus method setRaDec, provide a new DBus method setRaDecJ2000, and support refraction-corrected altitudes in DBus method setAltAz
      This commit does three things:
      1. Fix a mysterious behavior in setRaDec, which "overcorrected" for
         atmospheric refraction in some buggy way. Unlike
         SkyMap::setDestination, SkyMap::setClickedPoint does not seem to
         suffer this atmospheric refraction issue -- so using
         SkyMap::setClickedPoint instead of SkyMap::setDestination in the
         DBus method setRaDec and then calling SkyMap::slotCenter works! We
         largely use setClickedPoint to set the center of the star map
         almost everywhere across KStars (if my memory serves me right), so
         this is not a bad workaround.
         KStars::setRaDec now replicates the behavior of typing the same
         RA/Dec values in the Focus Dialog, as far as I can tell.
         However, this does not fix the behavior of SkyMap::setDestination,
         and why SkyMap::setDestination has this behavior is still to be
      2. A similar change to the above is also applied to DBus method
         org.kde.kstars.setAltAz, whereby it now replicates the behavior of
         the focus dialog.
      3. The behavior of the focus dialog ("Set Coordinates Manually") in
         setting Alt/Az coordinates manually is to assume that the supplied
         altitude is the true (i.e. before refraction) altitude. Which means
         that, if you enter an altitude of e.g. 5 degrees, the position
         centered will actually have apparent altitude > 5 degrees when
         refraction corrections are enabled.
         This same behavior is reflected in org.kde.kstars.setAltAz
         now. However, there may be reason to center using the refracted
         coordinates instead. For that, we now support an optional bool
         argument altIsRefracted to the DBus interface method
         KStars::setAltAz, that when set to true, will "do the best we can"
         to interpret the given altitude as the _apparent_ altitude of the
      Finally, a bit of an administrative / logistical note: This is my
      first commit after a long time. I am no longer a PhD student, and am
      employed in California. Unlike in many other parts of the US,
      California state law allows me to hold copyright on code written in my
      personal time and on my personal equipment, as long as there is no
      conflict of interest with the goals of my employment. I wish to indeed
      explicitly clarify that these and future contributions that I make to
      KStars are made in my personal capacity, with my personally-owned
      equipment and personally-paid internet connection, and I am not
      conveying any rights to any intellectual property of any third
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      Hotfixes for the Focus module · 56051aa4
      Eric Dejouhanet authored
      This differential is a hotfix for the recent work in the Focus module.
      One additional class, FITSSkyObject, was extracted and put in its own source files.
      The JMIndex parameter of the Centroid detection was not provided to the source extraction procedure.
      The Star Profile Viewer missed a few consts in its management of FITS data buffer, which caused some Jenkins builds to fail on SUSE and FreeBSD.
      Test Plan: Run kstars_ui_tests
      Reviewers: #kstars, mutlaqja
      Reviewed By: #kstars, mutlaqja
      Subscribers: kde-edu, mutlaqja, murveit
      Tags: #kde_edu
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D28689
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      INDI drivers sync · 6cf0a3a2
      Jasem Mutlaq authored
  5. 08 Apr, 2020 2 commits
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      Tests for the star detection · 4f6af9ad
      Eric Dejouhanet authored
      This differential adds a few FITS load tests and benchmarks.
      This alone is not enough to cover the whole detection algorithms, but is a beginning.
      Test Plan: Build and run "testfitsviewer"
      Reviewers: #kstars, mutlaqja
      Reviewed By: #kstars, mutlaqja
      Subscribers: murveit, kde-edu
      Tags: #kde_edu
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D28635
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      Refactoring the Focus module. · fd28026c
      Eric Dejouhanet authored
      This differential relates to tests and code structure for the Focus module.
      Tests show that:
      - There is no way to determine when the star detection procedure is done. The capture button should re-enable when everything is finished.
      - The CCD Simulator needs improvement for some detection mechanisms to work properly.
      - It is difficult to create fixtures with deterministic verifications, although better controlling the simulation time should help.
      - Syncing the mount to object coordinates is a good idea to speed up tests.
      - When not tracking, the CCD Simulator doesn't render trails, it could be a nice improvement.
      - Because kstars_ui_tests is becoming larger, it needs to be divided into multiple smaller tests for efficiency.
      - QTest, because failing a test means returning from the test function, is macro hell.
      - QComboBox is difficult to control programmatically because of its internal signal management.
      We then refactor star detection for clarity and consistency in Focus and attempt to reduce side-effects in FITSData:
      - Make FITSData buffer read-only, except for DarkLibrary.
      - Move Threshold, Gradient and Centroid detections out of FITSData.
      - Move SEP detection out of FITSData.
      - Docs, copyrights and adjustments.
      - Removing expected failure on Gradient/Threshold.
      - Extract star search block to simplify setCaptureComplete.
      - Reset KStars time after starting Ekos.
      - Fix object fixture builder.
      - Slight delay to overcome the weird toggling of the capture button.
      - Separate/simplify annulus and threshold tests.
      - Delay target chip retrieval when capture is complete.
      - Test frame average, extract code averaging HFRs.
      Test Plan: Run kstars_ui_tests.
      Reviewers: #kstars, mutlaqja
      Reviewed By: #kstars, mutlaqja
      Subscribers: murveit, mutlaqja, kde-edu
      Tags: #kde_edu
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D28292
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      removeProperty is called in the BaseClient thread and provides a pointer to... · af134f29
      Jasem Mutlaq authored
      removeProperty is called in the BaseClient thread and provides a pointer to INDI::Property object. Since INDI_D::removeProperty method needs to run in the main GUI thread, we need to invoke the method in the primary thread. However, blocking the calling thread to do so might result in deadlock. Using QueueConnection solves one issue, but by the time removeProperty is invoked, the INDI::Property object could have been deleted already resulting in a crash.
      The current solution uses the name of the property to invoke the method in the primary thread using QueuedConnection, however, there is no pointer to lose now since we just send the name.
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      Fix crash on new profile with indihub · c24ff635
      Jasem Mutlaq authored
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