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    • David Edmundson's avatar
      [kcms/nightcolour] Reset needsSave after loading initial QML properties · e460fc48
      David Edmundson authored
      Sequence of events is:
      1) KCModule::showEvent()
      2) this queues up a load and queues up a KCModule::changed(false)
      3)  during load ConfigModule::setNeedsSave(true) is called we set
      d->_needsSave to true
      4) we emit ConfigModule::changed(true) which we proxy through to
      5) we then process the queued KCModule::setChanged(false) from the
      earlier KCModule::showEvent
      6) so we disable the button
      7) any subsequent changes in the KCM will call
      but this now matches d->_needsSave so it no-ops. Even though KCModule is
      out of sync.
      Systemsettings only knows what KCModule signals, not ConfigModule.
      This patch resets ConfigModule::d->_needsSave after step 3
      See also https://phabricator.kde.org/D27384#611241
      BUG: 411584
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    • Andreas Sturmlechner's avatar
      Add FindXorgServer.cmake and use it for touchpad KCM · 82e7a6b6
      Andreas Sturmlechner authored
      x11 backend of the touchpad KCM uses xserver-properties.h that is part of
      xorg-server package. As XORG_INCLUDE_DIRS seems to be empty, so far, it was
      relying on Synaptics_INCLUDE_DIRS implicitly and worked only if the header
      happened to be in the same directory as Synaptics' which is the case most of
      the time.
      FindXorgServer.cmake is just a copy of FindXorgLibinput, adapted accordingly.
      Test Plan:
      Pointed Synaptics_INCLUDE_DIRS somewhere else than /usr/include/xorg and build
      Reviewers: #plasma, zzag
      Reviewed By: #plasma, zzag
      Subscribers: broulik, plasma-devel
      Tags: #plasma
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D29514
  15. 06 May, 2020 2 commits
  16. 05 May, 2020 4 commits
    • Alexandre Pereira's avatar
      Fix folderview popup mode list view icon size inheriting icon view icon size · 1d557e8a
      Alexandre Pereira authored
      The icon size is only selectable in icon view mode.
      but selecting a different icon size on icon view mode also changes
      the size of the icons in list view mode.
      This creates a problem since the list icon size is hardcoded by default to small,
      but it seems it is being changed on other places of the code.
      BUG: 418269
      FIXED-IN: 5.19.0
      Test Plan:
      I tested this on icon folderview and normal desktop folderview, changing icon sizes in iconview and listview
      and restarting plasmashell.
      Reviewers: #plasma, #vdg, ngraham
      Reviewed By: #vdg, ngraham
      Subscribers: ngraham, plasma-devel
      Tags: #plasma
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D28057
    • Ahmad Samir's avatar
      [Fonts KCM] Remove redundant nearestExistingFont() · 0325d698
      Ahmad Samir authored
      It seems that nearestExistingFont() gets the same result as
      `fc-match font-name`, which is basically the sans serif default font
      on the system; this seems redundant as KFontChooser will fallback to
      selecting the first font family in the list if the initial font it
      was called with doesn't exist _and_ KFontChooser always puts "Sans Serif",
      "Serif" and "Monospace" at the top of the list.
      Removing nearestExistingFont() solves the issue in bug 420287 as
      the font it returns will have the styleName property set, after we
      went to so much trouble to clear that property so that setBold() can
      CCBUG: 420287
      Test Plan:
      Before the patch:
      - In kdeglobals [General] set:
        fixed=Blah Mono,12,-1,5,50,0,0,0,0,0
        toolBarFont=Bogus Serif,12,-1,5,50,0,0,0,0,0
      - Load the fonts KCM, and open the font dialog for Fixed and Toolbar,
        in both cases the default "sans serif" font on the system is selected,
        in my case it's "DejaVu Sans"
      Apply the patch and repeat, the "Sans Serif" entry is selected, which is
      an alias to "DejaVu Sans" on my system.
      Reviewers: #plasma, bport, ngraham
      Reviewed By: bport, ngraham
      Subscribers: ngraham, plasma-devel
      Tags: #plasma
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D29155
    • Jonathan Riddell's avatar
      Update version number for 5.18.5 · e064a2cf
      Jonathan Riddell authored
    • Jonathan Riddell's avatar
      Update version number for 5.18.5 · 2034b63d
      Jonathan Riddell authored
  17. 04 May, 2020 4 commits
  18. 01 May, 2020 2 commits
    • Simon Depiets's avatar
      Fix typo Schortcut Scheme · 0cde6757
      Simon Depiets authored
    • Alexander Lohnau's avatar
      KCM Plasmasearch: Do not intialize runners in config module · a07b68a0
      Alexander Lohnau authored
      The runners are loaded from the plugin info list `Plasma::RunnerManager::listRunnerInfo()`,
      because of that there is no need to create a RunnerManager and initialize the plugins.
      If you have a lot of additional plugins installed that do a lot of work in the init/reloadConfiguration
      method the loading time of the KCM is notable slower.
      Additionally the KCMUTILS_VERSION version check has been removed, because
      the KF5_MIN_VERSION is 5.69.
      Test Plan:
      All plugin should show up.
      To check this create a debug which prints the length of the `listRunnerInfo` list.
      Then you can verify that the length of the list is equal to the count
      of entries in the plugin selector. For this you can also use the xdotool utility:
      `sleep 5;for i in {1..myNum};  do sleep 0.1;xdotool key Down; done`.
      Reviewers: #plasma, davidedmundson, ngraham, meven
      Reviewed By: ngraham
      Subscribers: plasma-devel
      Tags: #plasma
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D29319