Commit 6bc3af5f authored by Chris Rizzitello's avatar Chris Rizzitello

No longer mention the now removed style script

parent 085aba55
......@@ -13,12 +13,6 @@ Use the script in <i class="icon-folder-open"></i> **root directory** of the pro
button in the navigation bar. Take note that all <i class="icon-file"></i> **files** will
be checked !
> **Note:**
> - Please, style corrections need to be done commit each file class for commit. eg: class.*
> - If you would like to use git hook, use file.
> - The script use astyle, please make sure it's installed.
#### <i class="icon-file"></i>
Run the script to fake a 3D printer, before using it, run ****.
......@@ -30,4 +24,4 @@ Create two fake serial devices in */dev/ttyVirtual1* and */dev/ttyVirtual2*, the
> **Note:**
> - Make sure that socat is installed in your system.
> - Only tested in ArchLinux.
\ No newline at end of file
> - Only tested in ArchLinux.
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