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    Use realtime indexing as fallback when DB has no property data · d202cc38
    Stefan Brüns authored
    In case the DB provides no data, try to fetch the properties directly
    from the file using the new OnDemandIndexer class.
    If required, start the extractor in the background, fetch UserMetaData
    and wait for the extractor, then unite the results.
    BUG: 410114
    Depends on D25248
    Test Plan:
      # suspend baloo (`balooctl suspend`)
      # copy a file with properties (e.g. PNG) to a included location
        `cp ~/foo.png ~/foo_2.png`
      # `balooshow ~/foo.png ~/foo_2.png` should only display "Cached properties"
         for the original file
      # dolphin displays properties for both files (in the side panel)
    Reviewers: #baloo, ngraham, astippich
    Reviewed By: #baloo, ngraham, astippich
    Tags: #baloo
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D25250
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