Commit 96505aed authored by Nicolas Fella's avatar Nicolas Fella

[tagsaction] Don't crash on multiple files

Tagging multiple files is not supported and thus we never create m_metadata for it. However, we start the tags listing  and as soon as tags are found m_metadata is accesses which results in a crash.

This patch delays the tags listing until m_metadata has been initialized

BUG: 401733

Test Plan: Select multiple files in Dolphin, right click -> no crash

Reviewers: elvisangelaccio

Reviewed By: elvisangelaccio

Subscribers: #baloo

Tags: #baloo

Differential Revision:
parent 617fe3fc
......@@ -81,7 +81,6 @@ TagsFileItemAction::TagsFileItemAction(QObject* parent, const QVariantList&)
m_tagsLister.openUrl(QUrl("tags:/"), KCoreDirLister::OpenUrlFlag::Reload);
......@@ -98,6 +97,7 @@ QList<QAction*> TagsFileItemAction::actions(const KFileItemListProperties& fileI
m_metaData = new KFileMetaData::UserMetaData(fileItemInfos.urlList()[0].toLocalFile());
m_tagsLister.openUrl(QUrl("tags:/"), KCoreDirLister::OpenUrlFlag::Reload);
return {m_menu->menuAction()};
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