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Commit e9f00ca8 authored by Alexander Stippich's avatar Alexander Stippich

decrease bitrate precision for display

Summary: do not display any decimal for files. It is always zero for tested files, and does not add any useful information anyways

Reviewers: #frameworks, #baloo, elvisangelaccio

Reviewed By: elvisangelaccio

Tags: #baloo

Differential Revision:
parent d4beb805
......@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ QWidget* WidgetFactory::createWidget(const QString& prop, const QVariant& value,
if (prop == QLatin1String("duration")) {
valueString = form.formatDuration(value.toInt() * 1000);
} else if (prop == QLatin1String("bitRate")) {
valueString = i18nc("@label bitrate (per second)", "%1/s", form.formatByteSize(value.toInt(), 1, KFormat::MetricBinaryDialect));
valueString = i18nc("@label bitrate (per second)", "%1/s", form.formatByteSize(value.toInt(), 0, KFormat::MetricBinaryDialect));
} else if (prop == QLatin1String("releaseYear")) {
valueString = value.toString();
} else if (prop == QLatin1String("originUrl")) {
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