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    Initial version of an OSM/MapCSS-based indoor map renderer · 1b06fef1
    Volker Krause authored
    This is an experiment to see if we could get to station and airport maps.
    So far this contains a basic scene graph and a QPainter-based renderer,
    map projection, primitive floor level separation, zoom level based LoD and
    a MapCSS parser/evaluator. The last bit allows to define both the visual
    appearance as well as the selection of which elements to show in a
    completely declarative way (including live reloading at runtime).
    There's still plenty of gaps though, many MapCSS properties aren't
    supported yet, proper z ordering is missing, multi-polygons show render
    glitches, cased lines aren't implemented yet, label layouting is non-
    existent, and there is still the unsolved problem of actually getting
    the OSM data. For the last bit, Marble's vector tile server looks most
    promising, but needs a content update.
    Anyway, considering how little time it took to get to this state, this
    looks promising to pursue further.