Commit 97680f66 authored by Volker Krause's avatar Volker Krause
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Fix JSON serialization of vehicle layout requests

This fixes empty entries when logging all communication.
parent d84e833f
...@@ -50,7 +50,9 @@ QString VehicleLayoutRequest::cacheKey() const ...@@ -50,7 +50,9 @@ QString VehicleLayoutRequest::cacheKey() const
QJsonObject VehicleLayoutRequest::toJson(const VehicleLayoutRequest &req) QJsonObject VehicleLayoutRequest::toJson(const VehicleLayoutRequest &req)
{ {
return Json::toJson(req); auto obj = Json::toJson(req);
obj.insert(QLatin1String("stopover"), Stopover::toJson(req.stopover()));
return obj;
} }
QStringList VehicleLayoutRequest::backendIds() const QStringList VehicleLayoutRequest::backendIds() const
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