Commit b60e45ca authored by Volker Krause's avatar Volker Krause
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Don't send a ServerInfo request with each Hafas query

This is a leftover from initial experiments with recreating Hafas queries
issued by apps, but isn't actually needed.
parent 5e408755
......@@ -331,24 +331,12 @@ QNetworkRequest HafasMgateBackend::makePostRequest(const QJsonObject &svcReq, QB
top.insert(QStringLiteral("formatted"), false);
top.insert(QStringLiteral("lang"), preferredLanguage());
QJsonArray svcReqs;
QJsonObject req;
req.insert(QStringLiteral("getServerDateTime"), true);
req.insert(QStringLiteral("getTimeTablePeriod"), false);
QJsonObject serverInfo;
serverInfo.insert(QStringLiteral("meth"), QLatin1String("ServerInfo"));
serverInfo.insert(QStringLiteral("req"), req);
top.insert(QStringLiteral("svcReqL"), svcReqs);
top.insert(QStringLiteral("ver"), m_version);
QJsonArray svcReqs;
top.insert(QStringLiteral("svcReqL"), svcReqs);
postData = QJsonDocument(top).toJson(QJsonDocument::Compact);
QUrl url(m_endpoint);
QUrlQuery query;
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