Commit fb190c78 authored by Heiko Becker's avatar Heiko Becker
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Fix cmake policy CMP0115 warning

parent 9872933e
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......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ ecm_add_test(o5mparsertest.cpp LINK_LIBRARIES Qt5::Test KOSM)
ecm_add_test(kgraphqlminimizertest.cpp LINK_LIBRARIES Qt5::Test KGraphQL)
ecm_add_test(indexeddatatabletest LINK_LIBRARIES Qt5::Test)
ecm_add_test(indexeddatatabletest.cpp LINK_LIBRARIES Qt5::Test)
ecm_add_test(polylinetest.cpp LINK_LIBRARIES Qt5::Test KPublicTransport)
ecm_add_test(mergeutiltest.cpp LINK_LIBRARIES Qt5::Test KPublicTransport)
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