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......@@ -33,19 +33,19 @@ public:
/** This enumeration describes the type of the option. */
enum OptionType { TypeDetectFail, TypeBool, TypeInteger, TypeDouble, TypeValueList, TypeString, TypeGamma, TypeAction };
/** This enumeration describes the unit of the value of the option,
* if any. */
enum OptionUnit { UnitNone, UnitPixel, UnitBit, UnitMilliMeter, UnitDPI, UnitPercent, UnitMicroSecond, UnitSecond };
/** This enumeration describes the current statue of the value of
* the option, indicating if this option should be displayed or not. */
enum OptionState { StateHidden, StateDisabled, StateActive };
explicit Option(QObject *parent = nullptr);
~Option() override;
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