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    Add SQLite database for messages and roster caching · 3b366c75
    Linus Jahn authored
    The new SQLite3 database is saved (on Linux) under:
    ~/.local/share/KaidanIM/kaidan/messages.sqlite3 (This is the AppData
    location from Qt)
    It currently has two tables one for the roster and one for messages.
    The roster table has two coloumns: jid and name. The message table
    has six: author, author_resource, recipient, recipient_resource,
    timestamp and message. 'recipient' and 'author' contain a bare JID
    (a JID without the resource) and the resource saved in
    author/recipent_resource, if available. The resource is not really
    necessary, but I thought it might be cool to add e.g. some stats for
    this, later.
    In the Kaidan.cpp/h, I moved the handleMessageReceived part into the
    MessageController, later we should also move the handle Presence
    Received into a PresenceController or something as this.
    I also removed the 'import harbour.kaidan 1.0' in QML, because, now
    we don't have any new QML-types from Kaidan -> you can't import it.
    The Chat-GUI is still very ugly, we/I should definitely imporve it
    in a later commit.
    Closes #55.
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