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Add containing changelog for v0.2.0 (#100)

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# Changelog
### Version 0.2.0 (released on 06.06.2017)
User interface:
* GUI: Port to Kirigami 2 (#81) (@JBBgameich)
* User Material/Green Theme per default (@LNJ2)
* Login page: New design with diaspora* login option (#87) (@JBBgameich)
* Chat page: Slightly improved design (@LNJ2)
New features:
* Add Roster Editing (#84, #86) (@LNJ2, @JBBgameich)
* Roster refreshes now automatically (#83) (@LNJ2)
* Contacts are now sorted (@LNJ2)
* Add unread message counters (#92, #101) (@LNJ2)
* Add LibNotify-Linux notifications (#90) (@LNJ2)
* Add custom JID resources (#82) (@LNJ2)
* Add XEP-0184: Message Delivery Receipts (@LNJ2)
* Disable stream compression by default (for HipChat/other server compatibility) (@LNJ2)
* AboutPage: Fix possible closing of multiple pages (@LNJ2)
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