Commit 3cd8ba14 authored by Kevin Funk's avatar Kevin Funk
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Revert "Try something"

Wrong branch, sorry. Doesn't work anyway, Phabricator doesn't render
relative links properly.

This reverts commit 4773e757.
parent 4773e757
......@@ -193,7 +193,7 @@ There are many checks and they are divided in levels:
clazy runs all checks from level1 by default.
- Checks from level0:
- [connect-non-signal](./src/checks/level0/
- [connect-non-signal](src/checks/level0/
- [container-anti-pattern](src/checks/level0/
- [lambda-in-connect](src/checks/level0/
- [mutable-container-key](src/checks/level0/
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